Have you seen a great mural and do you want art in your living room? That is possible! In the Blind Walls Gallery Gallery we regularly present solo exhibitions by artists you recognize from the murals. They sell original works of art and works in edition for prices between € 50 and € 1,500 (with or without frame).

Private viewing

The Gallery is open on weekdays. You can just ring the bell, but it’s better to make an appointment by filling in the following form or by calling 076-8879935. You’ll receive a warm welcome and can view the work in our living room. Of course we’ll tell you everything about the artist and the work.

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Mara Piccione

From 20 May to 23 July, we present new work by the world-famous screen print artist Mara Piccione. Her concert posters for underground bands and venues such as De Staat, The Black Keys, The National, Best Kept Secret and Vera are internationally renowned. For Blind Walls Gallery she made her first work in large format in the public space; two panels next to the Grote Kerk.

There are new large format mono prints and a number of smaller screen prints for sale. All monoprints (unique / edition 1) and screenprints (small edition) are signed and numbered.

Mara’s work can be recognized by its abstract forms and layered compositions. She makes her screen prints by hand in her own screen print studio. Here she developed a working method with which she transforms the design of posters and books into abstract visual art.

The mono prints originate from test prints. These are typical of the screen printing process and are used as a colour test or to clean the screen printing frame. By using one sheet for different test prints, a random collection of shapes and colours is created. These form the starting point of a new abstract work of art.

Every time Mara silk-screens a poster or a book, she has a selection of test prints at hand. By adding printing layers, a new work of art is created. Sometimes with more than 30 print runs, all from different designs. It can take several years before a monoprint is ready. Therefore, a print may contain bent corners, scratches and smudges, but these add to its unique character.

Photo by: Rob Lipsius