An ode to Houthaven by Zenk One

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June 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Houthaven (lumber port) neighbourhood in Oosterhout. To celebrate the occasion, Zenk One aka Robin Nas (you know – who painted ’the lion’ and Ramon Dekkers mural) painted a memory of the origin of the area on an apartment building at the Houtwolplantsoen.

The mural is an ode to the neighbourhood and its history. Lumber business Simfa, that was expanded with a lumber port connected to the Wilhelminakanaal, is at the heart of the design. Robin based his design on photos and stories about the lumber port and chose muted colours that match the thirties, which were the glory days of the Simfa, that had about 400 employees at the time. The mural shows floating logs of wood, the bridge, the chimney and the steam-engine.

The mural was made possible by Stichting Wijkteam Houthaven.

Photographer Edwin Wiekens paid a visit and took these awesome pictures for us.

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