Blind Walls Gallery 2020!

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We will not soon forget 2020! We celebrated our five-year anniversary and, despite COVID-19, we did a lot of different projects.

20 murals in 2020! 🖌️

We have been busy this year and made 20 new murals. Large or small, each painting is inspired by a story of Breda. Artists Tom Onrust, Wouter van der Giessen, Sam van der Weijden, Dadara, Rob and Robin, Hedof, Isakov, Gino Bud Hoiting, Kimberley Rochat, Marije Maria, TelmoMiel, Henning Wagenbreth, Heavenleigh Jeroense, NasePop, Mariëtte van der Meer, Street Art Frankey, Babette Bakermans, Zenk One, Mara Piccione, Rutger Termohlen, Super A and Collin van der Sluijs made Breda a bit more beautiful.

1.000 visitors at our guided tours 🚶‍♂️

Despite the corona measures, more than 1,000 people went on tour. Hopefully we can stick to our regular tour schedule again next year. Our guides are eager to show you around in 2021!

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We made socks 🧦

In collaboration with Thatsockss we released a limited edition pair of socks, inspired by the work of AkaCorleone in the Bleekstraat. This mural is a colorful commentary on today’s consumer society. So buy those socks!

Photo by Joost van Asch

New Web-app 📱

Thanks to our new web app, it is now even easier to discover all the murals and the special stories behind them. We regularly publish new theme routes, the perfect corona-proof outing!

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Blind Walls Epic Stories 👕

Together with Epic Breda and illustrator Hedof, we presented Blind Walls Epic Stories Part II. A unique T-shirt in honor of our fifth anniversary. For this occasion he also made a new mural on the Markendaalseweg.

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Talent of Fellenoord 🎨

Under the inspiring guidance of Falco and Stef, the young artists Ilana, Sjeffery, Nina, Ivana, Can, Elies, Jasmina, Djaylin, Baku, Chelsey, Felicia, Omar and Zahra made their first work of art. A real ‘Blind Wall’ on the Piramideplein in their Fellenoord district.

PHOTEDby Edwin Wiekens

Our anniversary book is a hit! 📖

Together with designers George & Harrison and loyal partner NPN Drukkers, we created our opus magnum. More than 340 pages with unique stories, beautiful (archive) images, interviews with artists and of course lots of murals. The book was completely sold out within a week!

Did you miss out on the first pressing? The second edition will be available in February 2021!

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Foto door Rob Lipsius

Thanks for your support! Partly thanks to you, 2020 was a year to remember! We look forward to 2021!

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