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Blind Walls Gallery: het museum op straat (loosely translated: the city mural museum) takes you on a journey along over 88 murals. Each mural is inspired by the history of the city of Breda. The collection represents a painted history of our city.

In this unique book, you will discover everything about the murals and the hidden stories of Breda – read about a mayor with lion’s courage, the lost treasures of Vincent van Gogh and the most beautiful pigeon of the city.

mock-up by George&Harrison

Blind Walls Gallery is unique in Europe. International artists have made close to 100 murals. You can find them scattered throughout the city in small unexpected corners or on large gallery flats.

The book summarizes five years of Blind Walls Gallery and explores the work of international muralists such as ESPO, Frau Isa, Otecki, Akacorleone, Fin DAC, Ben Eine and local heroes such as Zenk One, Hedof, Joren Joshua, Staynice, Ilse Weisfelt and Maaike Canne.

mock-up by George&Harrison

mock-up by George&Harrison

George&Harrison are currently designing this must-have book. We’re paying extra attention to the choice of paper, the cover and binding technique. And of course, some gold foil for a luxurious look. NPN Drukkers (printers) will take care of creating a glorious book that will fit right in on any bookshelf.

Written by Robin Berkelmans and Iris van den Boezem and photos by Edwin Wiekens, Joost van Asch, Rosa Meininger and Ralph Roelse.

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