Graffiti-art at Boykes Speelhoeve unveiled

On Saturday July 6th, children from the Tuinzigt neighbourhood unveiled their very own graffiti artworks to alderman Miriam Haagh, Kindercultuurburgemeester (Children’s Mayor of Culture) Lisa Gaal, and local residents. The unveiling was celebrated with music, food, speeches and fun attractions. The murals are the result of a Blind Walls Gallery workshop at Boykes Speelhoeve in Breda.

The children spent the past weeks working very hard on their creations, accompanied by the Blind Walls Gallery team. To get inspired, they joined the BWG team on a tour along the murals, after that they continued by collecting stories and imagery and finally they spent an afternoon testing out spray paint, before starting on their final designs.

In total, 20 kids joined the workshops, the painted the panels in teams, that all tell their own story. There is a galaxy, boxer, birds nest and several tributes to Tuinzigt and Boykes Speelhoeve.

Thanks to Gemeente Breda, Jeugdwerk Surplus, Joost van den Elshout, the volunteers of Boykes Speelhoeve, local residents and everyone that was there!

Photos by Joost van Asch
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