The program of Blind Walls Film Fest 2023 is here!

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We are happy to announce that Blind Walls Film Fest is returning to Chassé Cinema this year. On 8, 9 and 10 December, imagine yourself in the world behind street art, murals and graffiti. What drives the artists and what impact do these art forms have on society? Find out during BWFF!

🎉 Ticket sales have started, currently an early bird rate applies. Check out the entire program here.

With a wide range of films, Q&As and masterclasses, the film festival makes the social impact of street art visible and debunks prevailing prejudices. For instance, today’s street art scene is definitely not a man’s world as some people might expect. The film Behind the Wall, about Amsterdam street art artist Judith de Leeuw (JDL), will be shown on the Saturday. Director Deborah Faraone Mennella followed Judith for one year during her life in the Netherlands and during the creation process of the painting ‘Love is Stronger Than Death’ in the Italian city of Taranto. In spectacular fashion, you will see how the 30-metre mural is created. After the film screening, both Judith and Deborah will be present for a Q&A.

Still – ‘Behind The Wall’

Czech film Girl Power is a documentary about women who dedicate their lives to the graffiti subculture. This fascinating travelogue offers a new perspective on a phenomenon usually characterised as vandalism. The film shows that graffiti can be a way of life.

Stickers, art in slums and shorts
The weekend will see the European premiere of the US film Sticker Movie. This documentary answers the question “Who decorates all those lampposts, street signs and mailboxes with stickers?” and more importantly…. “Why?“. Sticker Movie is an ode to sticker art and the broad culture behind it. The story is told by street artists, photographers, dealers and collectors.

Still – ‘Sticker Movie’

The film Painting Dhaka is about an art project in the slums of Bangladesh and addresses the question “How corrupt is our view of a corrupt country?”. This gripping film takes the viewer in different ways to one of the poorest areas in the world: the slums of Dhaka in Bangladesh’s capital. Painting Dhaka will be screened in the Netherlands for the first time during the Film Fest, with a special festival opening beforehand.

On Sunday afternoon, there will be a special block of shorts, filled with short films about street art. This block includes a short documentary about the artist Keith Haring and a film about a graffiti crew in Greece.

Still – ‘The Grace House Mural Tapes’

Impact on the city
During Blind Walls Film Fest, the focus is on the world behind murals, street art and graffiti. With the screening of various films, Q&As with filmmakers and artists, master classes and talks by experts, together with Chassé Cinema we take the audience into the world behind these art forms. Where does the phenomenon come from, who are the makers and what is the impact on the environment? These questions are highlighted from different perspectives in the films shown and the fringe programme.

Blind Walls Film Fest is supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Pictoright and Gemeente Breda.

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