Highest Blind Wall (so far) unveiled

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During the opening of the Open Monumenten Dagen, On Saturday the 14th of September, the highest Blind Wall so far was unveiled. An impressive mural reaching up to 27 meters high, made by Polish artist Otecki.
Otecki spent two weeks painting the mural, that is inspired by the liberation of Breda on October 1944, and a photo from Stadsarchief Breda (the city archives). (read more about it here.)

A festive unveiling where, in addition to a very enthusiastic audience, Ria-Vermeulen-Welten was also present; 1 of the girls in the famous photo. For the unveiling, dance group DansNest performed a special dance, inspired by the mural. The mural is located on the side of ‘De Teruggave‘, at Gasthuisvelden 11.

The mural is supported by Gemeente Breda and the vfonds.
The mural is part of the Brabant Remembers project.

Photos by Joost van Asch / Parlor 
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