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Tuesday, May 10th was the first time we hosted Made You Look – thé muralism conference with wall talk beyond street art.

At the Chassé Theatre international muralists spoke about creating murals in the public space. A mural is so much more than a lick of paint, and goes beyond ‘just’ street art.

Anuli Croon took us through her process for the work she did in the Central Military Hospital in Utrecht. Guido de Boer showed us how he often creates his own tools and new techniques. Jan van der Ploeg told us about his enormous collection of murals and how he takes inspiration from a broad range of arthistorical sources, from renaissance architecture to Māori weaving techniques. Ilse Weisfelt shared how she battled her fear of heights during the creation of large murals. Saïd Kinos told us about his international murals, but also his experiments with 3D shapes and his dream to place a sculpture in the public space. And Jeroen Erosie spoke about the new project ‘Blind Walls Changement’, for which he was the first to create a mural, reflecting on the architecture of the Chassé Theatre.

The conference was opened with an impressive performance by dance company LeineRoebana. They created a dance inspired by Jan van der Ploeg’s Blind Wall in the Chassé Theatre.

We also announced the selected talents for the Blind Walls Open Call:
Stijn Ros & Jesse Paauwe, Barbara Helmer, Loes van Reijmersdal, Floor Milou Smit, Jet Parent, VAAF, Ellis Tolsma and Timber Sommerdijk.

Made You Look was made possible by Chassé Theatre, Gemeente Breda en Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Photos by Rosa Meininger



Jan van der Ploeg


Ilse Weisfelt


Jeroen Erosie


Saïd Kinos and Dennis Elbers (founder Blind Walls Gallery)


Anuli Croon


Dennis Elbers and Gabi Brunhoso (winner Open Call 2021)


Dennis Elbers and Gabi Brunhoso with (some of the) selected talents for the Blind Walls Open Call 2022


Guido de Boer

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