Job ‘Letman’ Wouters

The spray machine of Letman Job ‘Letman’ Wouters made a unique letter artwork on the wall with his ‘spray can-machine’. The diversity in colours and whimsical shapes of this


The electronic factory Electron was once part of machine factory Backer and Rueb. The original buildings were destroyed by a fire in 1958. A new property was built designed

Damien Poulain

Please note this mural has disappeared Happy Shutters Project Located at Bosschtraat 113 is tattoo shop Creet Ink, Damien Poulain painted it’s window shutters and door.

Romee van Oers

Please note this mural has disappeared Merged into an image Romee van Oers wants to make people more aware of their bodies and environment. The brush strokes are

Frans van Veen

Sint Elisabethsvloed The mural shows the ‘Haagse dike’ that could be found on outskirts of the former municipality of Princenhage. The dike was of great importance to the


Please note this mural has disappeared Cycling on art For a special project called FietsFiesta (a festival that celebrates bicycle culture in Breda), Kitra came to Breda to spruce up the


Please note this mural has disappeared This mural, located in the ‘Driesprong’ neighbourhood, is a collaboration between WonenBreburg and the guys of Staynice, which was a welcome surprise for the local residents.

Hansje van Halem

Taxes! Taxes! The former tax-collection office has been re-named ‘De Teruggave’ (The Return). Today it is a community of companies, social organisations and an information centre. Over the

Maaike Canne

A new interior for Pier15 Skatepark and event venue Pier15 invited Maaike Canne to create this mural. The café area of the skatepark has been completely renewed, this

Gummy Gue

A dirty river A long time ago, a small river by the name of “De Gampel” flowed through the city towards the harbour. The river was severely polluted,

Studio Octovidu

Inspiratie Studio Octovidu was inspired by the story of Jan Ingenhousz and created a 32 meters long painting in the Magnoliastraat. Design made by Dominique van der Mast.

Nase Pop

During ‘The Week of Dutch Beer’, Nase Pop (NL/AR) painted four walls in the tunnel at Doornboslaan. For the colour palette, he took inspiration from the coat of

Bruce TMC & P. Winkel

From industrial site to a place of creativity Haveneiland (loosely translated: Harbour Island). Since 2014 it has been thé destination for creative organisations and initiatives, who work on