Please note this mural has disappeared Spears as a selfie stick With a critical and funny undertone the work of Cranio refers to the contemporary society. The streets

Thomas & Jurgen

The passing of Van Gogh’s father Vincent van Gogh’s mother and sister decided to move to Breda after their husband and father passed away. Their new apartment in

Ilja Kramer & Francien van Capelle

Please note this mural has disappeared A moment of distraction A thirty meter construction wall near the entrance of the Amphia Hospital in Breda is emblazoned with the


Please note this mural has disappeared Cycling on art For a special project called FietsFiesta (a festival that celebrates bicycle culture in Breda), Kitra came to Breda to spruce up the

Maaike Canne

A new interior for Pier15 Skatepark and event venue Pier15 invited Maaike Canne to create this mural. The café area of the skatepark has been completely renewed, this

Gummy Gue

A dirty river A long time ago, a small river by the name of “De Gampel” flowed through the city towards the harbour. The river was severely polluted,

Nase Pop

During ‘The Week of Dutch Beer’, Nase Pop (NL/AR) painted four walls in the tunnel at Doornboslaan. For the colour palette, he took inspiration from the coat of

Studio Slurp

A Royal Protest When a young Queen Beatrix decided to celebrate her first Queen’s Day in Breda, rumours quickly spread about hundreds of youths planning to demonstrate against


Please note this mural has disappeared Take a closer look… …or miss out on these tiny, hardworking sanitation workers who are busy cleaning up the graffiti in the