Studio Ruwedata

Art in a pub This time no blind wall mural but artwork in a pub. Blind Walls Gallery and Café De Bruine Pij joined forces and asked Thijs

Rutger Termohlen

An ode to the harbour Like Anti-held, Joren Joshua and Daniël van de Haterd, RutgerTermohlen worked on a wall in the Potkanstraat. His painting is an ode to

Daniël van de Haterd

Potkanstraat as a work of art Like the other three artists who worked at the Potkanstraat, Daniël van de Haterd used his skills in order to artistically upgrade

Zenk One

Please note this mural has disappeared Flight of the ducks This painting on a temporary construction wall shows a flight of ducks for which fotorealism and illustration are

Ilse Weisfelt

Bicycles and horses There used to be a horse stable on the site of the bike shed on which Ilse Weisfelt made her mural. Hence a playful mix

Johan Moorman

Clowns, animals & freaks The mural depicts a circus with elephant, inspired by a troubled event that took place in 1988. Elephants walked the Akkerstraat when two circuses


The past vs. the present This painting refers to both the present and past of the location. Again fruits and vegetables ‘grow’ at the same location as the

Studio Kratje Beeld

The Doelsteeg Studio Kratje Beeld was inspired by various historical stories around the Doelsteeg.  Saint George and the dragon The mural shows craft students working on assembling a

Zenk One

The parrot as a totem animal radiates communication, love, conviviality and kindness. Nice words for this creative breeding ground!

Zenk One

Please note this mural has disappeared


Please note this mural has disappeared Hedof has made several murals for the Blind Walls Gallery. The painting at the Markendaalseweg was his first project for Blind Walls


Please note this mural has disappeared Redevelopment of the Liniekwartier The Liniestraat forms the external border of the Linie neighbourhood. At the request of local residents, the area

Zenk One

Tribute to mayor Montens This mural is a tribute to Godevaert Montens, mayor of Breda during the Dutch War of Independence. The mayor is known for his supposed heroic


Sharp dressed pigeon For this mural, of a pigeon dressed in traditional Dutch attire, AlfAlfA took inspiration from the many pigeon breeders that once lived around Dijklaan. At least

Rutger Termohlen

Tattoo flash Bunker Tattoo is a well-known name in Breda. In 2017 the tattoo shop celebrated their 16th birthday, the perfect opportunity for a homage. Blind Walls Gallery

Collin van der Sluijs

Master imitator Abraham de Winter is one of the most popular comedians of the late 19th century. He is considered the forerunner of present-day cabaret. During his performances,


Mols Parking and its surrounding area have a rich history. Throughout the years, many different companies and businesses were located here, such as the ‘Simons Kuiperij en Houtzagerij’

Ana Marietta

Transgender fish The river Mark is located opposite the Tramsingel. Our medicine usage has lead to an estimated 140 tons of medicinal waste being dumped in the water

Tom de Meer

Please note this mural has disappeared A dark corner For a long time ‘the dark corner’ at Galaxy Youthcentre in Haagse Beemden has been an eyesore for locals. As

Thijs Lansbergen

Oldest deciduous forest The first record of the Liesbos dates back to 1268, making it one of the oldest Dutch deciduous forests. From the 15th century the forest


Biggest insect box of Breda Many other areas of Breda are covered in green, but the Tuinzigt neighbourhood lacks some serious urban nature. This mural brings nature to