Please note this mural has disappeared Spears as a selfie stick With a critical and funny undertone the work of Cranio refers to the contemporary society. The streets

Job ‘Letman’ Wouters

The spray machine of Letman Job ‘Letman’ Wouters made a unique letter artwork on the wall with his ‘spray can-machine’. The diversity in colours and whimsical shapes of this

Ben Eine

Belcrum a new hotspot The railway marked a division between the rich city center and the working class in the north. In the recents years the north, called


Are you fan of graffiti? Not everyone’s a fan of graffiti, it’s often seen as a negative term. A bunch of different styles placed next to each other


Please note this mural has disappeared Take a closer look… …or miss out on these tiny, hardworking sanitation workers who are busy cleaning up the graffiti in the