Sailors and recreationist On the walls of the sanitary cabin in the new city marina Hedof shows the ‘key figures’ of this neighborhood: sailors, recreationists and passing families.

Rutger Termohlen

An ode to the harbour Like Anti-held, Joren Joshua and Daniël van de Haterd, RutgerTermohlen worked on a wall in the Potkanstraat. His painting is an ode to

Daniël van de Haterd

Potkanstraat as a work of art Like the other three artists who worked at the Potkanstraat, Daniël van de Haterd used his skills in order to artistically upgrade

Joren Joshua

Bitterbal and champagne This work was specially made to visually improve the Potkanstraat (just like the other murals in this street). The colour blue refers to the water


The nightlife of Breda With this mural Anti-held reflects on the nightlife in this narrow alley.

Bruce TMC & P. Winkel

From industrial site to a place of creativity Haveneiland (loosely translated: Harbour Island). Since 2014 it has been thé destination for creative organisations and initiatives, who work on