Job ‘Letman’ Wouters

The spray machine of Letman Job ‘Letman’ Wouters made a unique letter artwork on the wall with his ‘spray can-machine’. The diversity in colours and whimsical shapes of this

Rutger Termohlen

Tattoo flash Bunker Tattoo is a well-known name in Breda. In 2017 the tattoo shop celebrated their 16th birthday, the perfect opportunity for a homage. Blind Walls Gallery

Collin van der Sluijs

Master imitator Abraham de Winter is one of the most popular comedians of the late 19th century. He is considered the forerunner of present-day cabaret. During his performances,


Mols Parking and its surrounding area have a rich history. Throughout the years, many different companies and businesses were located here, such as the ‘Simons Kuiperij en Houtzagerij’

Ana Marietta

Transgender fish The river Mark is located opposite the Tramsingel. Our medicine usage has lead to an estimated 140 tons of medicinal waste being dumped in the water

Tom de Meer

Please note this mural has disappeared A dark corner For a long time ‘the dark corner’ at Galaxy Youthcentre in Haagse Beemden has been an eyesore for locals. As