Thomas & Jurgen

The passing of Van Gogh’s father Vincent van Gogh’s mother and sister decided to move to Breda after their husband and father passed away. Their new apartment in

Stephen ESPO Powers

Anyday Queensday Powers processed his conversations with residents and passers­by in his mural, as a love letter to the city. Stephen ESPO Powers did this during the first

Thijs Lansbergen

Oldest deciduous forest The first record of the Liesbos dates back to 1268, making it one of the oldest Dutch deciduous forests. From the 15th century the forest

Joren Joshua

Busy, busy workers This whopper of a mural, done by Joren Joshua, stretches to 130(!) meters. The mural Is based on the story of Cornelius van Gogh, Vincent

Maaike Canne

A new interior for Pier15 Skatepark and event venue Pier15 invited Maaike Canne to create this mural. The café area of the skatepark has been completely renewed, this

Gummy Gue

A dirty river A long time ago, a small river by the name of “De Gampel” flowed through the city towards the harbour. The river was severely polluted,

Studio Slurp

*This Blind Wall has disappeared A Royal Protest When a young Queen Beatrix decided to celebrate her first Queen’s Day in Breda, rumours quickly spread about hundreds of