Bruce TMC

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride” is an English proverb used to suggest that it’s useless to wish and that better results will be achieved through action.

Jeff Canham

*Please note this mural has disappeared In his painting Jeff Canham depicts the first nine words of the NATO phonetic alphabet. Their use during WWII refers to the

Thunder & Bold

Please note this mural has disappeared Mural in a park The Burgermeester van Sonsbeeck park is maintained by local residents. They plant flower bulbs and makes sure that

Vincent de Boer

Publicity for the Mind In 1970, artist Pieter Laurens Mol painted his work ‘Publicity for the Mind’ on the facade of his studio at the Spoorstraat in Breda. Unfortunately

Guido de Boer

A tribute to artist Pieter Laurens Mol Guido de Boer  was inspired by the work ‘Head Dope Dead Hope’ by local artist Pieter Laurens Mol. Mol’s former studio

Jonno Vaes & Nick van Steen

Boy from Princenhage finds his luck in Antwerp Who is Gielis Beys? Gielis Beys was born into a prosperous family, being the son and grandson of Princenhage aldermen.