Terms and Conditions


If for any reason you can not attend the tour, Blind Walls Gallery does not offer a refund. However, tickets are transferable to another person.

Regardless of weather conditions, tours will continue as long as it is safe to do so.

In case of an official weather alarm, you will be given the option to choose another date. You will be informed about this by email or phone. So keep an eye on your phone and inbox. If we do not contact you, the tour will continue.

Arriving late
You need to be present at least 5 minutes before the tour starts. Arriving late is at your own risk and we do not offer refunds to people who miss the tour. It is not possible to join the group at a later time.


The tour
You can request a walking- or biking tour by filling out the form on the Blind Walls Gallery website (www.blindwalls.gallery/tours). After this, we take the information you provided and create an initial tour proposal. We will then discuss further customisation to your wishes (by phone or e-mail). Once you receive our confirmation with an invoice, your request is considered a definite booking.

The maximum group size for walking tours is 20 people per guide. The maximum group size for biking tours is 15 people per guide. In the case of larger groups, we will split the group into smaller groups.

Cancellations need to be made via tours@blindwalls.gallery or 0031(0)76-8879935.

Cancellations greater than 14 days from the reserved date: full refund.
Cancellations between  14 – 7 days from the reserved date: 75% refund.
Cancellations between 7 – 2 days from the reserved date: 50% refund.
Cancellations less than 2 days from the reserved date: no refund.

Any refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.

All tours are paid in advance by means of an invoice. The number of people that is known to us 24 hours before the tour, is the number that will be invoiced. If more people join the tour, you will receive an additional invoice.

The payment needs to be on our bank account (Stichting Graphic Design Festival Breda) at least 5 days prior to the tour. If this is not the case, Blind Walls Gallery will no longer be tied to agreements or confirmations. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Arriving late
If you are a few minutes late, please let your guide know. You will have received his or her phone number via e-mail.

Up to 15 minutes we will not charge you anything. After this, we will charge an extra tourguide hour (€65,-). We can not guarantee the guide will have time to delay the tour.


The maximum groupsize for a guided walking tour is 15 people per guide.
For every group, a supervisor needs to be present. He or she will join the tour free of charge.


For bicycle rentals, we work with 2RIDE.

In the event of damage, loss or theft of a rental bicycle, we will hold you liable if necessary. All bicycles are supplied with two keys. In the event of theft, the rental customer will always be obliged to hand over one key, as well as a copy of the police report. If you are unable to do so, you will be charged the full cost of the bike, including 21% tax (€375,-)

If a key breaks or goes missing, we will charge you €15,- for the replacement of the key. In the event of the loss of a key and/or leaving a bike behind on another location than discussed due to technical defects, 2RIDE will provide transportation for a fee of €0,59/km excluding 21% tax. Blind Walls Gallery will charge you these costs which will then be invoiced by 2RIDE to Blind Walls Gallery.

In case less than 8 bikes are rented, we will charge €25,– delivery costs.


During the tour, you are responsible for your own safety and road safety. The tourguide will keep a close eye on the group and will wait for any stragglers, so do not cross the street hastily.

Personal injury
Blind Walls Gallery cannot be held responsible for personal injuries.

Toilet breaks
During the tour, it will not be possible to stop for toilet breaks, unless there is a medical emergency.

Alcohol/drug consumption and/or public intoxication is not allowed during Blind Walls Gallery tours. Customers who are abusive, intoxicated or whose behaviour is generally disruptive may be refused admittance to the tour or, if this behaviour becomes evident during the tour, may be asked to leave. In this event, no refund will be given.