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Amok Island

Vincent van Goghstraat
Latex on brick

An overgrown potato plant

In between many Spring-showers, Amok Island created this eye-catching, but modest mural at the Vincent van Goghstraat. A mural by Amok Island had been on our wishlist for a long time and is now finally part of Blind Walls Gallery. Amok Island had a wish himself too, he really wanted to paint a potato plant.

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

So that’s exactly what we did! The mural was inspired by the nearby Gasthuisvelden (loosely translated ‘guesthouse fields’), ánd the name of the street where the mural was painted, the Vincent van Goghstraat. The Gasthuisvelden are named after the once nearby Catholic guesthouse at the Haagdijk, where the ‘sick and needy’ and elderly were taken care of. At the time, the surrounding fields were used as a growing patch and a crop field where, you guessed it, potato plants grew too. 

The Potato Eaters

Not much research was required regarding the Vincent van Goghstraat, as one of Van Gogh’s most famous works is, of course, The Potato Eaters.

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Amok Island


Dutch artist Amok Island (living in Western Australia) bases his murals on local flora and fauna. His designs are inspired by scientific illustrations. If he wasn’t an artist, he would be a biologist.