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Case Maclaim

Artist Case Maclaim took inspiration from the story of NAC (local football club) supporter and icon Hein van Poppel. The painting shows a father motivating his daughter, who is exhausted after a day of playing. The mural also shows elements that refer to the corner flags at the NAC stadium. During his final years at NAC, Van Poppel traditionally collected the corner flags after matches of the first team.

Photo by Rosa Meininger

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Case Maclaim

Mural Artist
Case Maclaim

Case Maclaim is a German mural artist. Case is one of the four members of the “Maclaim Crew”, which was founded in 2000 and is considered a pioneer in photorealistic mural painting within the scene. In his work, the ideal of beauty is replaced by bizarre-controversial features, which are irritating but fascinating at the same time. The figurative subjects combined with a powerful narrative make Case’s works very impressive.