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Frau Isa

The Chocolate Factory
Latex on brick

‘Kwatta’s Glorious past’

Austrian artist Frau Isa painted not one, but two murals on an apartment building at the Middellaan. Some people from Breda will recognise the designs right away: Isa’s work is inspired by the glorious past of the Kwatta factory.

Aller oogen zijn gericht op Kwatta

photo by Rosa Meininger

The 16-meter high diptych shows a Kwatta girl (right) and a Kwatta soldier (left), two familiar terms in Breda. From the end of the 19th century, the Steam Cacao and Chocolate Factory “Kwatta” was situated here, the bars the factory produced became world-famous in the Benelux. The chocolate-bar wrappers had little soldiers pictured on them, which could be collected as stamps, for a free bar or a tin soldier. When you had collected a 100 soldiers, you could exchange them for the most coveted item of all: a bendable toy-soldier.

photo by Rosa Meininger

‘Festive unveiling with original Kwatta Girl’

Most Kwatta employees were young girls, famously known as the Kwatta meisjes (girls). An original Kwatta-girl was present at the official unveiling (August 18th 2019) of the murals, Corry Dieckmann. 

A collaboration with Alwel and the neighbourhood platform.

Isa & Corry – photo by Joost van Asch

photo by Joost van Asch

The murals have been made possible thanks to the contribution of Alwel and the neighbourhood platform.

About the artist

Frau Isa

Frau Isa

Frau Isa is een kunstenaar en illustrator wonend en werkend in haar lievelingsstad – Wenen. Ze schildert voornamelijk met acryl op canvas, maar als ze nog energie (en passie) over heeft na een lange dag werk, gebruikt ze haar Wacom voor digitaal werk. Daarnaast maakt ze regelmatig muurschilderingen, die inmiddels over de hele wereld te zien zijn.