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Gino Bud Hoiting

Holland Casino
Kloosterplein 20
Posca marker on plaster

‘ A visual timeline’

A night out at Holland Casino Breda starts with parking your car in the Chassé Parking. From the parking garage you walk through a long corridor where the walls are illustrated with a historic timeline of the building.

Foto: Edwin Wiekens

Foto: Edwin Wiekens

‘The natural elements’

The building has a rich history, for example, it has served as a monastery, a boys school, a base of the Aviation Command and finally the Holland Casino. The main target group at Holland Casino are people with an Asian background. For this reason, the Fen Shui philosophy is integrated into the building. The natural elements of wood, fire, metal and water can be found throughout the building. Can you find all the elements in Gino’s work?

A collaboration with Holland Casino

Foto Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Gino Bud Hoiting

The Netherlands
Gino Bud Hoiting

Gino Bud Hoiting is a Dutch illustrator, based in Rotterdam (NL). In 2009 he started his own studio focusing on both commercial and personal projects. His commercial work consists of illustrations for magazines, newspapers, books, posters, flyers, banners and company brands. His personal projects include drawings, animations and installations which he exhibits worldwide. Gino has a recognisable style which is known for his analogue approach.