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Heavenleigh Jeroense

Moerdijkse Postbaan 32
Latex on brick

‘Largest and oldest summer oak forest’

The Liesbos is a beautiful nature reserve with a rich history. It is the largest and oldest summer oak forest in the Netherlands. From the 15th century onwards, the forest was in the possession of the Nassau’s. Noble people could comfortably hunt here for blue herons, which have been in the forest since the Middle Ages. From 1795, the forest is accessible to everyone.

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

‘Fever tree’

In addition to the heron, a “fever tree” can also be seen in Heavenleigh Jeroense’s painting. There used to be a large plane tree in the Liesbos, surrounded by beeches. This tree was used as a fever tree, a tree on which people with the flu hang a piece of clothing or cloth to get rid of the fever. Today there is a fake fever tree in the forest, the real one was cut down in 1931.

A collaboration with Wijkraad De Rith

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

Photo by Rosa Meininger

Together with the murals by NasePop and Kimberly Rochat, the mural was initiated by residents from the neighborhood.

About the artist

Heavenleigh Jeroense


Heavenleigh Jeroense, ook wel ‘Hemels is de naam’ is een illustrator en visual storyteller uit Tilburg. Heavenleigh studeerde dit jaar af aan de kunstacademie. Haar inspiratie haalt ze voornamelijk uit de natuur en haar eigen ervaringen en bevindingen. Geestelijke gezondheid en stigmatisering zijn belangrijke thema’s in haar werk. Met haar werk hoopt ze mensen aan te sporen tot zelfreflectie.