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Henning Wagenbreth

Different Differences
Molenstraat 6
Wallpaper on stucco


The public space isn’t necessarily outside. De Nieuwe Veste is a library, center for the arts, language school and makers-base in one. People from different backgrounds come together in this cultural market hall. The artwork is therefore about inclusion. Words from different languages serve as a ‘conversation starter’ and form small stories in the (literal) big picture. A nice tool for discussing our similarities and differences with respect. Without differences there can be no evolution nor progress.

The design by Henning Wagenbreth is a contemporary reference to Egyptian hieroglyphs. This early writing system combined abstract signs with images, it was rich and colorful. To this day, they inspire our visual language. 

De Nieuwe Veste is the ideal place for a design that matches the architecture, the users and it’s made in a way (wallpaper) that isn’t possible outside. 

Please note that this painting is indoor and can only be visited during the opening hours of the Nieuwe Veste

Photo by Joost van Asch

Photo by Joost van Asch

A collaboration with Nieuwe Veste, Bo Diversity and Gemeente Breda.

Cover photo by Edwin Wiekens.

About the artist

Henning Wagenbreth


Henning Wagenbreth is an illustrator and graphic designer from Berlin. He makes his own typefaces, illustrates and designs books, posters, newspapers and magazines. Manual and industrial printing techniques are an important part of his work which varies in size from stamps to wallpaper. Henning also works as an illustration professor at the University of Arts in Berlin.