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Joren Joshua

Breda Jazz FestiWall
Latex op baksteen

In honour of the 50th edition of Breda Jazz Festival, a mural was realised that symbolises the past, present and future of the festival.

Joren Joshua noticed the festival is embraced by the city: it lives in all nooks and crannies of Breda. From large stages on the water, small tents on squares, to bands in the midst of dancing crowds. The artist in the centre of the mural stands on a special kind of stage: ‘de zuil’ (the pillar). For years, this stage stood in the middle of the Grote Markt (grand square) during the ‘Old Style Jazz Festival’.

Breda Jazz Festival is the oldest and largest multiday jazzfestival of Europe. Every year, the festival kicks off at 1PM on Ascension Day at the Grote Markt. The festival started in 1971 as ‘Old Style Jazz Festival’ and focused on jazz music before 1940. Nowadays all kinds of styles of jazz can be heard during the festival at about 20 outdoor stages in the city centre.

Photo by Rob Lipsius

Photo by Rob Lipsius

Photo by Rosa Meininger

About the artist

Joren Joshua

The Netherlands
Joren Joshua

The playful illustrations of Joren Joshua (NL) are influenced by graffiti and print making. With his lanky characters he reflects on daily life, always in a humorous way.