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Joren Joshua

Latex on plaster

Busy, busy workers

This whopper of a mural, done by Joren Joshua, stretches to 130(!) meters. The mural Is based on the story of Cornelius van Gogh, Vincent van Gogh’s forgotten younger brother, and the Backer & Rueb machine factory.

Joren’s creation shows the coming and going of factory workers, assembling the trains that made Backer & Rueb famous.

Edwin Wiekens

Van Gogh’s little brother

It also features a man with bright orange hair, that man is Cornelius (Cor) van Gogh, Vincent van Gogh’s younger brother.

Edwin Wiekens

Because of his technical background, Cor worked at Backer & Rueb for a few years. Cor didn’t enjoy the Netherlands much, so he moved to South Africa, where he worked as a draftsman for the South-African Railways.

Eventually, Cor joined the army during the Second Boer War. Sadly Cor wasn’t much of a fighter, and he quickly ended up in the hospital, where he committed suicide at the young age of 32.

First of five

This mural is part of the Van Gogh Murals, a collaboration with Van Gogh Brabant and Zuidlijn. The project aims to make five murals in five cities: Tilburg, Eindhoven, Helmond, Den Bosch and Breda.

Joren Joshua spent two weeks painting the mural, with a little help from Marije Maria, Ilse Weisfelt, Thomas & Jurgen and Fernandoleon.

Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Joren Joshua

Joren Joshua

The playful illustrations of Joren Joshua (NL) are influenced by graffiti and print making.

With his lanky characters he reflects on daily life, always in a humorous way.