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Kimberley Rochat

Futuristic Agriculture
Sprundelsebaan 145
Latex on Bricks

‘Agriculture in the future’

Kimberley Rochat has brightened up the Sprundelsebaan with a futuristic mural. How long will it take until we can grow fruits and vegetables on Mars?

Kimberly has taken inspiration from the surrounding area, called De Rith. This nature and cultural area “lies between Breda, Rijsbergen and Etten-Leur. There are many different agricultural entrepreneurs in the area, including strawberries, asparagus, cherry cultivation and dairy farming. It is also a popular walking and cycling area. During summer days, entrepreneurs organize various outings and open days, where everyone is invited to take a look in the greenhouses.

Foto door Joost van Asch

In addition to the projects of Blind Walls Gallery, the Breda City Archives also provides embellishment. Together with the municipality and URBAND ID, electricity and traffic cabinets are provided with archive material from the image bank.

A collaboration with Wijkraad De Rith

Foto door Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Kimberley Rochat

The Netherlands
Illustrator & Visual Storyteller
Kimberley Rochat

Kimberley Rochat is an illustrator & visual storyteller from Breda. Kimberley likes to work with topics about mental health, psychiatry, how people interact with each other in our society and the individual perception of people. Her work is atmospheric but above all simple, work that makes people think and gives them an experience that falls outside their own experience.