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Studio Kratje Beeld

Latex on plaster

The Doelsteeg

Studio Kratje Beeld was inspired by various historical stories around the Doelsteeg. 

Ralph Roelse

Saint George and the dragon

The mural shows craft students working on assembling a dragon. The students refers to the the technical school that opened 1886. The dragon refers to the legend George and the Dragon and is also the Patron Saint for the St. George’s Arches Guild. The archery lessons of the guild was held in the now called Doelsteeg.

Edwin Wiekens

Racing bicycle

If you look closely you’ll see a contemporary road racing bicycle. The bicycle is a reference to the former popular bicycle shop ‘Louis van Dijk Fietshandel’ whose facade is now painted.

Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Studio Kratje Beeld

The Netherlands

Studio Kratje Beeld was set up by students of the training Illustration, AKV|St.Joost in Breda. They worked on various assignments, including a project for Blind Walls Gallery. For this mural, the students have thoroughly prepared themselves with sketches, colour studies and a research at the city archives.