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Mariëtte van der Meer

Pioenroosstraat 1
Latex on panels

‘London Caramel Works’

This work by Mariëtte van der Meer is not accidentally placed on this house. From 1920 to 1965, the first factory of “London Caramel Works”, now known as Lonka, was located here. In 2020 the confectionery manufacturer will celebrate its centenary.

In honor of this milestone, local artist Mariëtte van der Meer created a work of art in her mysterious style, as if the scene were straight out of a movie. The work consists of panels, which are applied to the wall as a 3D work. The performance consists of a coffee moment with Lonka’s famous delicacies. Also, the well-known “Lonka girl” should not be missing, who has graced the tins and communication campaigns since the 1920s.

Foto door Joost van Asch

The work was placed on the facade of their house at the initiative of the property owners. The painting was officially unveiled on September 25 by Lonka’s oldest employee, Annie Vergouwen. She joined the company in 1968 and is still working at the factory after 52 years.

A collaboration with Cloetta Nederland

Foto door Joost van Asch


About the artist

Mariëtte van der Meer

Beeldend kunstenaar

Mariëtte van der Meer is a visual artist, originally from Heerenveen. She graduated from act academy AKV|St. Joost in 1992 and decided to stay in Breda after that. She takes inspiration from people and what moves them, bright colours from nature and stills from movies and detective shows.