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Nol Art

Haagdijk 141
Spray paint on bricks

From bakery to art studio

Presumably in earlier times the white space on the facade of this monument contained an advertisement. Research in the city archives yielded no evidence about what the ad or period in which it was visible.

Also the neighbors Meeuwsen Aquariums -looking at this wall for more than 35 years- had no clue about the content of the mysterious white space.

In recent decades the building has functioned as a bakery, tobacconist and smart shop. From the late 90s, it’s a residence. Recently it has been completely restored. Until then artist Michael Nolta lived in the property. His studio was located on the ground floor. The current window decoration is a relic from that time. Under the NOL pseudonym he creates murals. After having painted his blue creatures in many cities round the globe it was obvious to have NOL paint this mural.


About the artist

Nol Art

The Netherlands
Nol Art

Nol aka Michael Nolta has a style which can only be described as bubbly. Everything he creates looks very round as if it has been inflated. Nol has created his own creatures to go along with this aesthetic which look like living balloons in themselves. His main goal is to generate joy in people with his work.