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Rob en Robin

Mols Parking

‘Busy parking lot’

Mols Parking is home to many Blind Walls, made by both local and international artists, but there was enough room for another mural. Rob van den Belt and Robin van Gurp look out onto this wall from their design studio so when we asked them to create a mural they didn’t hesitate.

The design is inspired by a story of Annie van Gils, who has lived next to Mols Parking for over 60 years. During her youth, many businesses and traders were situated at this location, which caused an almost constant stream of suppliers delivery trucks. Annie and her friends therefore weren’t allowed to play outside in the neighbourhood, so Annie was forced to play in her backyard, which measured just a few square meters.

Foto door Rosa Meininger

Foto door Rob Lipsius

Rob en Robin captured the tight space, crowdedness and automobiles in a striking design, which is an obvious reference to the playing children. The mural also includes an animation that can be seen through Augmented Reality during our (walking) tours.

Although Mols Parking has gone through some big changes, it’s still a busy place with a lot of cars and not much room to play. Though local students have been playing many a game of tennis here over the last months.

About the artist

Rob en Robin

Rob & Robin

Tijdens de kunstacademie werkten Rob van den Belt en Robin van Gurp al veel samen dus de keuze om na hun afstuderen een ontwerpstudio te beginnen was meer dan logisch. Het werk van Rob en Robin is niet in 1 woord te omschrijven, het ene moment werken ze aan een zakelijke klus en het andere moment aan een poster voor een lokaal feestje. Een thema wat vaak centraal staat in hun werk is humor, zij het tijdens het ontwerpproces of in het eindresultaat. Of beide.