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Sam van der Weijden

Poort van Schoenmakers
Poort van Schoenmakers

‘City Farm Het Wit Lam’

This passageway at the Pasbaan used to look very different. When Sam van der Weijden was living here (2017), he decided to design a mural for his graduation exhibition, based on the history of the building. He found out that the building used to be a city farm, called ‘Het Wit Lam’ (The White Lamb).

Unfortunately, the mural couldn’t be realised back then, because the building was going to be put up for sale.

Meanwhile, Guus Welten was working on a book about his family history. His grandmother’s (Nel Schoenmakers) family lived at the farm from 1844 until 1955. During his research, he came across an article in the newspaper about Sam’s graduation project. Guus contacted us and eventually, we were able to realise the mural.

Photo by Joost van Asch

Photo by Rosa Meininger

‘Poort van Schoenmakers’

Because the farm was being turned into apartments, the passageway and surrounding area needed its own name. The passageway was renamed ‘Poort van Schoenmakers’.

Sam design consists of a map of old Breda, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and the white lamb.

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

Special thanks to Guus Welten, Magis Vastgoed & Jac van Dongen.

About the artist

Sam van der Weijden

Tattoo artist

Sam studeerde in 2017 af aan AKV St. Joost, tegenwoordig is hij tattoeëerder bij Bunker Tattoo in Breda. Sinds zijn jeugd heeft hij een fascinatie voor klassieke kunst, Griekse mythe en geschiedenis. In zijn werk probeert hij deze onderwerpen te combineren met hedendaagse observaties.