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Street Art Frankey

A New Day
Plexiglass and metal

‘A New Day’

The River Mark returned to the inner center of Breda 10 years ago with the realization of the harbor. The end of the project is in sight, with the next section of the river being excavated from 2022 up to Fellenoordstraat. Part of the Nieuwe Mark are the green quays that promote biodiversity and reduce heat stress.

Foto door Edwin Wiekens

For this work Street Art Franky wondered: What makes green life? That is of course the sun!


To allow the greenery to grow on the quays, Street Art Franky placed a sun that never sets and shines when it is night. The boats symbolize the supply to a greener city. The installation was installed in collaboration with Green Quays, a multi-year project in which the Singels of Breda are given new meaning in a green way. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban innovation Actions Initiative.
A collaboration with Green Quays

Foto door Jerome de Lint

About the artist

Street Art Frankey

The Netherlands
Street Art Frankey

Street Art Frankey is a Dutch artist who wants to positively influence the street art scene with relatively small and often inconspicuous works of art. In Amsterdam, many of his works can be found on buildings, streets and bridges, often in addition to existing building elements. Street Art Frankey’s ideology is: “I want to push boundaries. Art has no boundaries, that’s why I love it so much.” Street Art Frankey has had exhibitions in Milan and New York, among others. One of his most recent works is the large LEGO statue of André Hazes on Dam Square in Amsterdam.