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Studio Ruwedata

Kerkplein 7
Wood and plexiglass

Art in a pub

This time no blind wall mural but artwork in a pub. Blind Walls Gallery and Café De Bruine Pij joined forces and asked Thijs Kelder (Studio Ruwedata) to make something special.

Thijs was inspired by stories from ‘De Pij’ and the nearby church ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouwenkerk’. Each object in the diptych tells a different story. 

Please note that this work is located inside and can only be visited during the opening hours of the Bruine Pij.

Edwin Wiekens

Edwin Wiekens

From peanuts to a bleeding communion wafer

Several images are a reference to the biker and blues history of De Bruine Pij, but it also explains the story of the free peanuts. The church is represented as well. Discover the stories about a bleeding communion wafer, the filthy rich and a mummified cat. 

A collaboration with Café De Bruine Pij

Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Studio Ruwedata

The Netherlands
Graphic designer
Studio Ruwedata

Thijs Kelder is an artist / graphic designer. His work in an intersection of design, typograhpy and visual art. Often with a humorous slant with a critical edge and strongly inspired by pop culture, vintage / neon advertising, slogans and city life.