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Boerderij Tuinzicht
Beekstraat 72
Latex op stucwerk

The Tuinzigt neighbourhood wasn’t established until the late 19th century. The industrial revolution caused a rapid increase of factories and new neighbourhoods with labourer’s homes. Before Tuinzigt became Tuinzigt, the neighbourhood was known as Westerkwartier. The name ‘Tuinzigt’ is most likely a reference to a local farm called ‘Tuinzicht’ (loosely translate: garden view), which used to be situated at the corner of today’s Clematisstraat and Magnoliastraat. The neighbourhood sat at the border of the city with views of farmgrounds. The position and surroundings of the neighbourhood drastically changed when other neighbourhoods, like Westerpark were built.

This Blind Wall is a mix of typography and illustrations that refer to the local heritage and stories of Tuinzigt.

Foto door Joost van Asch

Foto door Edwin Wiekens

About the artist


The Netherlands
Graphic designers
Thunder and Bold

Thunder&Bold is the branding and design company run by Martijn van der Meeren. Martijn find his inspiration in classic design from the yesteryears. Nonetheless, he always seeks for that modern touch. The balance between these two is keeping his work fresh, yet giving his projects the timeless quality they deserve.