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Tom Onrust & Wouter van der Giessen

het komt allemaal wel goed, zo niet dan toch.

‘Het komt allemaal wel goed, zo niet dan toch’

Our murals are usually inspired by historic events. During the making of this mural (March/April 2020), we find ourselves in the midst of a historic event: the worldwide corona-outbreak that has drastically changed our lives. To lift Breda’s spirits we asked Tom Onrust to create a mural on former shopping centre De Lunet. A mural that we’ll tell the stories of for years to come, long after the COVID-19 crisis.

Tom Onrust created the design with Wouter van der Giessen. Wouter was told the wise words “Het komt allemaal wel goed, zo niet dan toch” (It will all be okay, if not it will anyway”) by his parents. The words are painted on soap dispensers, a reference to all the hand-washing we’re currently doing, but also to the history of De Lunet. The dispensers are painted like old advertising brochures.

Photos by Edwin Wiekens

De Lunet was built in the sixties and may be the very first concept supermarket in the Netherlands (the Nettomarkt). In the eighties, the building was rebranded into Winkelcentrum (shopping centre) De Lunet, a unique project for its time: food and non-food products under the same roof.

In 2013 the Stada Stores opened just a few kilometers down the road. Many stores that were situated in De Lunet, opened a second branch at Stada Stores, which led to the demise of De Lunet. The building has been empty since 2016 and became an eyesore for many people.

The mural was realised in collaboration with painting business Rob Vlemmix, who decided to spruce up De Lunet in his spare time. Like Rob, it’s our mission to make the city a better-looking place, and Tom and Wouter’s mural sure contributes to that. 

Photo by Joost van Asch

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Tom Onrust

The Netherlands
Studio Onrust

Tom Onrust started Studio Onrust in 2016 and developed his studio to a place where concepts, manifestations, murals and workshops are created and executed. His last name says it all, Tom wants to create an impact that causes a bit of ruckus.

About the artist

Wouter van der Giessen


Wouter sees his work as a ‘serious playground’. His work consists of collected objects which he combines in sculptures, murals, paintings and installations. Humour almost always plays a part in his colourful creations. More often he focuses on working in the public space, where he looks for the estrangement between his designs and a certain space.