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Wouter van der Giessen

Three-dimensional archery targets
Vacant area Backer& Rueb Halls
Topcoat on polyester and steel

‘Three-dimensional blazons adorn Havenkwartier’

Creativity is needed in developing new concepts, perspectives and initiatives. Something we badly need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizer of the Duikboot festival Frank Haagen has also been busy in recent months. When the festival could not take place due to the virus, he contacted Blind Walls Gallery. With a new work of art as the end result.

Haagen: “A summer without a Submarine Festival? We don’t want that! We contacted Blind Walls Gallery to see how the festival can be visualized. Of course, Duikboot is not the only festival we have to miss in Breda. So we immediately involved other festivals such as Vieze Anita & Ploegendienst ”.

Photo by Rosa Meininger

‘Creative District’

The municipality of Breda was enthusiastic about the collaboration between the creative entrepreneurs and offered support from the “Ruimtemakers” program, in which temporary projects should make the public space attractive. The aim is to encourage residents and visitors to (re) discover the city.

The result is a work of art created by . He recently graduated from the AKV | St. Joost and received the key to a municipal guest studio at the beginning of September. Van der Giessen says about the design: “CrossMark is a place full of history waiting for development. For me it is a place with potential, where new things can arise. I look forward to the “creative district” developing here. The colors in the work are based on a blazon, also known as a target. By drawing it to a three-dimensional shape and painting it on industrial silos, an absurd image is created that not only creates attention for itself but also for the environment. ”

A collaboration with Duikboot and Pier15

PHOTEDby Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Wouter van der Giessen


Wouter sees his work as a ‘serious playground’. His work consists of collected objects which he combines in sculptures, murals, paintings and installations. Humour almost always plays a part in his colourful creations. More often he focuses on working in the public space, where he looks for the estrangement between his designs and a certain space.