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Ana Marietta

Mutated fish
Tramsingel 84
Latex on plaster

Edwin Wiekens

Transgender fish

The river Mark is located opposite the Tramsingel. Our medicine usage has lead to an estimated 140 tons of medicinal waste being dumped in the water every year. Sadly, this also affects the animals that live there. Fish are becoming transgender from contraceptive pill chemicals, and antipsychotics lead to behavioural change.

Rosa Meininger

About the artist

Ana Marietta

Puerto Rico
Ana Marietta

Ana Marietta studied Animal Sciences at the university in her hometown Puerto Rico. She moved to Houston to pursue her career, but not long after moving she decided to become a full-time artist. Ana’s work is known for her humanoid creatures, that look like they come out of the dreams of a biologist. Ana takes her inspiration from her childhood and the experience she gained from her work at the laboratory and the science field. Call of these influences add a certain emotional weight to her murals, which often speaks to people’s imagination.