Blind Walls Gallery changes the appearance of Breda through impressive and meaningful murals inspired by local heritage and stories. Discover the murals via the website, mobile app or during a guided tour with an experienced guide!



Blind Walls Gallery is inspired by the oldest known painting of a Dutch cityscape. The 16th-century triptych prominently shows the city wall of medieval Breda. The city wall provided protection and was a sign of prestige. Most of the old wall has disappeared now and the blind walls that remained give the city a dull and grey appearance. People often use these places to recklessly park their bicycles or even as a public toilet after a night out. Blind Walls Gallery wants to change that, one mural at a time.

Since 2015, Blind Walls Gallery has been inviting national and international artists that draw inspiration from the stories of Breda. Before a mural is made, a lot of background research is done on the area or building. Most of the research is done at Stadsarchief Breda (city archives), but also by talking to locals that have lived in Breda for many years. The most interesting stories are sent to an artist, he or she will then create a design based on those stories. 


Mural by Mantra | Photo by Edwin Wiekens

Blind Walls Gallery works with the municipality, housing association, residents, developers and organisations. So far, over 85 murals have been made, spread across the city. Sometimes murals disappear due to maintenance or construction, but the gallery also gets extended with about 10 murals each year. So the milestone of a 100 murals is getting closer!

Mural by Hedof | Photo by Rosa Meininger

The combination of street art and cultural heritage makes Blind Walls Gallery accessible to locals, tourists and street art lovers. Which is unique in comparison to other big street art cities like New York, London and Berlin.

In 2017 Blind Walls Gallery received the Brabant Heritage Award, for disclosing disclosing intangible heritage in a contemporary manner.



Our very first murals

were made during Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014

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15 new murals in 2015

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App launch

Download the free Blind Walls Gallery app via Google Play or the App Store

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Blind Walls Gallery wins

the Brabant Heritage Award!

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This was 2017

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Our first company car

We bought a Piaggio Ape and named him Wally

Work trip to the U.S.A.

We visited Mural Arts Philadelphia

Our highest mural yet

Mantra's butterfly mural is 23 meters high

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Nominated for a Street Art Award

in the 'Local Initiative' category

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Bye bye Bleekstraat

Thé selfie-hotspot of Breda disappears

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Invasion of the mini garbagemen

Jaune's tiny garbagemen took over Breda

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Greenpeace mural

Hedof's mural draws attention to the #WingsforParadise project

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This was 2018

Thanks to you 2018 was a great succes!

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A record in visitor numbers

over 1900 people joined us on a guided tour

A new website!

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The Team

These people make Blind Walls Gallery happen

Dennis Elbers

Director and founder

Stein de Bont

Videographer en officemanager

Niek Nellen


Zanza Loupias


Ailis O'Neill


Veronique van Zanten


Nina van de Vondervoort


Jeanne Kneuse


Edwin Wiekens


Rosa Meininger