Frau Isa and the Chocolate Factory

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On Sunday August 18th we unveiled two sixteen meter-high murals at the courtyard of the Middellaan in Breda. The murals are made by Austrian artist Frau Isa who took inspiration from the Kwatta chocolate factory that used to be situated here.

Together, the murals form a diptych with a Kwatta girl on the right, and a Kwatta soldier on the left (read more about the story behind the murals here). During the unveiling, an original Kwatta girl was present, Corry Dieckmann. Corry talked about how Kwatta girls would be addressed with a number instead of their name, which in her case was 34. Isa immortalised the number on the bottom right of the mural.

For the occasion, we made chocolate bar wrappers inspired by the original Kwatta bars, which were handed out during the unveiling.
The murals have been made possible thanks to the contribution of Alwel and the neighbourhood platform.
Photos by Joost van Asch

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