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Colectivo Licuado

A solid meal
Vestkant 12
Latex on plaster

Edwin Wiekens

A mediaeval meal

The people of 16th century Breda sure enjoyed a solid meal and a drink (or two, three, four). In 1544, the city council organised a Pentecost meal at the city hall, for church wardens and clerics of the Grote Kerk (Church) of Breda. A wide range of roasted meats was served, followed by a second course consisting of ‘Teteringse’ cheeses, a speciality in that time. Guests were also offered a choice of over 77 jugs of wine.

The women

The women plays an important role in the paintings of Collective Licuado. For this painting Camilo and Florencia were inspired by the still lifes of artist Clara Peeters, one of the very few female painters during the Golden Age.

No meat

Camilo and Florencia are both vegetarians, which is why they didn’t add any meat to their mural.


Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Colectivo Licuado


Studio Licuado werd 5 jaar geleden opgericht door Camilo Núñez en Florencia Dúran. Ze combineren de cultuur en tradities van de omgeving met hun hyperrealistische stijl. Het mixen van de verschillende elementen deed hun denken aan de manier waarop smoothies gemaakt worden; een ‘Licuado’ is een drankje uit Zuid-Amerika, vergelijkbaar met een smoothie.