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Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat 1

‘Visual Mindfuck’

It took a while, but there’s finally a Blind Wall at Van Coothplein!

Dadara created a ‘visual mindfuck’, a reaction to the fact that we see more art on social media than in reality nowadays, and the digitalisation of our physical environment. ⁣

“reality still has more pixels than your smartphone, but what if the technological reality ends up having more pixels than actual reality in the future, will that make the technological reality more real? This seems like the perfect moment to have a good look at the value of all those realities before it all becomes one big mixed reality…”

Photo by Rosa Meininger

The mural of the recognisable ‘loading’ icon on a physical wall causes confusion with passersby and online viewers. Comments like ‘isn’t that Photoshop?’ And ‘the image isn’t loading’ have already been made.

Observant viewers may also see other meanings and references, like the shape of the roundabout at Van Coothplein that isn’t actually a roundabout. A reference to the time it took to realise this mural or the fact that society has come to a halt due to Corona. Some even see a reference to the new coalition agreement of Dutch province Brabant. If that becomes reality, maybe all murals will end up looking like this in the future.

Photo by Rosa Meininger

Photo by Rosa Meininger

About the artist


The Netherlands

Multifaceted Dutch artist Dadara (Daniël Rozenberg) started out by designing hand drawn flyers and record covers at Outland Records. He became widely known for his large outdoor art installations at Burning Man and other events.