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wings of paradise
Latex on bricks

Mols Parking and its surrounding area have a rich history. Throughout the years, many different companies and businesses were located here, such as the ‘Simons Kuiperij en Houtzagerij’ lumber mill and woodsheds that were situated here between 1898 en 1968.

Edwin Wiekens

Over the years a lot has changed in the wood and timber industry, the biggest threat to the survival of our rainforests is deforestation for palm oil. Palm plantations have expanded rapidly in Indonesia, at the expense of rainforests. At this rate, the habitat of the Bird of Paradise will eventually vanish, a species that can only be found on the Indonesian island of Papua.

Rosa Meininger

Tarsier with a hat

With this mural, illustrator Rick Berkelmans, aka Hedof (NL), hopes to make people aware of the situation in a positive, yet urgent way. The mural consists of a bird of paradise that’s being comforted by a girl, and a frog that’s protecting them from the rain, there are also plants, cut down trees and a tarsier that represent the Indonesian rainforest.

Whilst creating the mural, Hedof got help from Rowan Graafland, Julie van Zessen, Marije Zwienenberg, Niek Vergeer and Tijsje Revalk.

A collaboration with Greenpeace

Rosa Meininger


The mural is part of the worldwide Greenpeace project #WingsOfParadise. Street artists from all over the world, from Melbourne to Taipei and Vienna to Los Angeles, have created murals to raise awareness on the topic.

About the artist


The Netherlands

Hedof (Rick Berkelmans) has made several murals for Blind Walls Gallery. His work consists of a vibrant mix of strong shapes, cartoonish figures and bold colours. Each piece of work has a certain energy and humour.