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Laurens van Gurp

Haagdijk 64
Chalk marker on glass

Please note this mural has disappeared

Edwin Wiekens

A new life for empty windows

This window painting is part of VITRAG, a concept aimed at temporarily filling in stores that are up for rent in the city centre of Breda. Young illustrators are asked to create a design based on the surrounding area. The paintings are made with chalk markers.

The little angel

The Haagdijk is a street with a rich past, this window painting is based on the history of the building: “The Little Angel”. In 1687 a horse-powered grain mill was situated here. When the building was connected with the adjacent building it was named “De Cleynen Engel” (the little angel). Since then the building has served various purposes, including an iron foundry and a warehouse. Today, an architect is situated here and the space behind the display window is available for rent.

Edwin Wiekens


About the artist

Laurens van Gurp

The Netherlands
Laurens van Gurp

Laurens draws inspiration from various cultures, landscapes and architecture he encounters during his travels.

With pen and paper, he creates detailed line drawings inspired by skateboarding, music, nature and tattoos.