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Marije Maria

Joseph Poelaerstraat 1
Latex op baksteen

‘Melati flowers, rice fields and batik painting technique on fabric’

Traveling is an important source of inspiration for illustrator Marije Maria. Now that traveling is not possible for a while because of COVID-19, she was inspired by the stories of the Indisch Museum and the Arjati Foundation. Together with them she made the design for the mural, which recalls the former Dutch East Indies.

The design shows several recognizable elements of Indonesia: the typical rice fields and the batik painting technique on fabric. Marije also painted the melati. The Indian jasmine is the commemorative symbol during the national commemoration on August 15 and stands for respect, commitment and compassion.

The painting was festively unveiled on Friday, August 15, 2020.

A collaboration with Brabant Remembers and Stichting Arjati 

Photo by Edwin Wiekens

Photo by Rob Lipsius

The painting is part of the Brabant Remembers project. Brabant Remembers tells personal stories about the Second World War: big or small, about mobilization, resistance, collaboration or liberation. Seventy-five stories centered on a life-changing choice.

About the artist

Marije Maria

The Netherlands
Marije Maria

Marije Maria graduated from AKV | St. Joost in Breda in 2018. She illustrates for several newspapers and magazines and often does work for festivals. Marije tries to implement her passion for traveling into her murals as much as she can. Her murals can be found in Zagreb, Ghent, Barcelona, Colombia and more.