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Klaas Lageweg

Het Sas

The man portrayed in this Blind Wall is Jacob Weyerman. He grew up in Breda, where he discovered his passion and talent for painting. When he was eighteen he decided to leave the city and discover the world as a painter and art dealer. He mainly paints flower still lifes.

Later, Jacob begins to write plays and satirical poems. Because of the slanderous things he wrote, he ended up in prison in The Hague, where he died in 1747.

Klaas gave this mural the title ‘Yes Jacob Yes’ | Photo by Rosa Meininger

About the artist

Klaas Lageweg

The Netherlands
Visual artist
Klaas Lageweg

As an international visual artist, Klaas Lageweg creates murals and paintings. He calls art his means to function autonomously in society, paint keeps him going.  Klaas finds his inspiration in his everyday surroundings. By combining seemingly opposite forms, such as realism, pixel art and abstractions, he pushes his boundaries.