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Lindert Steegen

"The E-10"
Ettensebaan 41
Spraypaint on metal

On January 17, 1972, former Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and former King Boudewijn of Belgium opened a new highway between Breda (The Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium), named the E-10.

Via the usual route at the time, the Queen drove to Belgium with a Dutch public transport bus to Antwerp. She met the King in the city and together they drove back to Breda over the new highway with Dutch and Belgium public transport buses.

Photo by: Joost van Asch

The historical moment is visualised on the terminus facility for bus drivers of the public transport company Arriva. The colours refers to the public transport bus, a crown and a ‘strippenkaart’ (the former Dutch public transport ticket).

PHOTEDby Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Lindert Steegen

Lindert Steegen

Ghent-based artist Lindert Steegen is a multidisciplinary creative with a focus on murals and graphic design. Lindert has an architectural background, his clear and abstract style immediately piques your interest. Lindert likes to push boundaries and is driven by curiosity. Always open to new opportunities, exciting and crazy ideas.