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Sticky Fingers

Gasthuisvelden 11
Spray paint on bricks

New mural during Cultuurnacht Breda

During Culture Night Breda 2018 you could witness the creation of a new mural. Artists “Sticky Fingers” from Breda and Gent were inspired by the interesting contrast around the area of the Gasthuisvelden.

Edwin Wiekens

Collaboration between The Netherlands & Belgium


Guesthouse fields

Loosely translated, ‘Gasthuisvelden’ means guesthouse fields. The road was named after the once nearby ‘Catholic Guesthouse’ at Haagdijk, where the ‘sick and needy’ and elderly were taken care of. At the time, the surrounding fields were used as a growing patch and crop field.

Edwin Wiekens

The Gasthuisvelden had a lot of purposes. The military took the place between the river Mark and the Haagdijk to use it as a military drill yard in 1682. In 1960 it was home to the Tax and Customs administration and in the eighties it housed a court. Briefly summarised, the area balances between coercion and nursing, between orders and free will and between machine and human.

This project was established by KOP, Blind Walls Gallery and Sticky Fingers Graffiti.

Edwin Wiekens

About the artist

Sticky Fingers

The Netherlands & Belgium
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Sticky Fingers is a project from 2017 till 2018. Dutch and Belgium graffiti artists worked together on different projects. The project is established by KOP, Blind Walls Gallery, municipality of Breda and the Flemish government.