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Thomas & Jurgen

Latex op stucwerk

The passing of Van Gogh’s father

Vincent van Gogh’s mother and sister decided to move to Breda after their husband and father passed away. Their new apartment in the city centre wasn’t big enough to store all their belongings, so their mover (who was also a carpenter) offered to store some of their belongings in his storage room at the Ginnekenstraat. Among these belonging were wooden chests that Vincent left behind.

Ralph Roelse

Artworks for sale

Vincent’s mother and sister were not happy in Breda and eventually moved to a different Dutch city; Leiden. They forgot all about Vincent’s chests and left them behind. Many years later, when the mover found the chests, he decided to sell its contents to a merchant. The merchant then sold the contents, which he considered ‘worthless artworks’, for a dime at the Grote Markt.

Ralph Roelse


After a while the merchant found out these artworks belonged to the famous Vincent van Gogh. Immediately regretting his actions, he tried to track down the paintings. The merchant managed to find some of them, but most works remain lost to this day.

Van Gogh’s lost works

The event is known as ‘Van Gogh’s lost works’. Most of Van Gogh’s paintings are on display in museums and a few other locations. If a unknown painting shows up, it can only come from those wooden chests…
Inspired by this story, Thomas & Jurgen painted the words ’trash to treasure’. Because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as it turned out to be.

Ralph Roelse


About the artist

Thomas & Jurgen

The Netherlands
Graphic designers
Thomas & Jurgen

Thomas and Jurgen is a design studio based in Rotterdam. They design books, posters, album covers, murals, copyzines and much more. They designed the visual identity for the, an another project of ours.