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Tom de Meer

Youthcentre Galaxy
Spraypaint and Latex

Please note this mural has disappeared

A dark corner

For a long time ‘the dark corner’ at Galaxy Youthcentre in Haagse Beemden has been an eyesore for locals.

As part of the JOP improvement project, Youri Oerlemans, youth worker at Surplus Welzijn, invited Tilburg urban artist MEER (Tom de Meer) to transform the hangout spot to a work of art.

Tom de Meer

Naughty birds

Tom’s design consists of a group of goldfinches, aka rebellious, mischievous little birds that are standing up for themselves, which is a reference to the kids who hang out here because they get sent away everywhere else.

In his hometown Tilburg Tim has painted several murals, this is his first one in Breda. He considers it a great honour that his mural has been added to the Blind Walls Gallery.

About the artist

Tom de Meer

The Netherlands
Tom de Meer

Tom de Meer is an urban artist from Tilburg. He has already made a few murals in his hometown.

Tom’s works focuses on rhythm, contrast and expression. Rhythm is created with grids to structure the mural and guide the eye of the viewer.