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Tom Onrust en Wouter van der Giessen

Het Blauwe Roodborstje
Latex and spraypaint on bricks

The seven murals in this neighbourhood were created by artists Tom Onrust and Wouter van der Giessen. They are visual combinations of the various objects they found behind the front doors.

Foto door: Rob Lipsius

The objects individually tell the story of a local resident. By combining them, the artists have, in a visual way, made new connections between local residents. For example, a Curaçao cooking utensil called ‘pali funchi’ can suddenly look like a birdhouse when combined with a children’s book. Or a Pokemon ball and a racing car that together become an elephant.

Foto door Rob Lipsius

In this way, Tom and Wouter chose to make the murals not only for the neighbourhood, but also with the neighbourhood.

“The murals show commitment, and that makes it a neighbourhood where different generations can be part of. Where age, background and origin have no added value. Where there is room for people-orientation. Tom and Wouter have realised this in detail and they appeal to your imagination,” says local resident Doré.

Foto door Rob Lipsius

About the artist

Tom Onrust

The Netherlands
Studio Onrust

Tom Onrust started Studio Onrust in 2016 and developed his studio to a place where concepts, manifestations, murals and workshops are created and executed. His last name says it all, Tom wants to create an impact that causes a bit of ruckus.

About the artist

Wouter van der Giessen


Wouter sees his work as a ‘serious playground’. His work consists of collected objects which he combines in sculptures, murals, paintings and installations. Humour almost always plays a part in his colourful creations. More often he focuses on working in the public space, where he looks for the estrangement between his designs and a certain space.